A Unique Play-by-Play Experience

by Art Eftekhari

I did the play-by-play for the UPSL Pro Premier match between L.A. Wolves FC and Santa Clarita Storm on Sunday, March 25, 2018, at John Anson Ford Park in Bell Gardens, California.

Obviously, I agreed to do it because soccer and commentating are two of my passions, but I was intrigued to see how everything would work out using the ‘mycujoo’ system.

Long story short, there was not much of a set-up and everything was easy and smooth.

All we needed was a smartphone, mini tripod, and the mycujoo app. I stood next to my cameraman and started calling the game.

So far, I have just given you the meat and potatoes version of the mycujoo experience. But what makes mycujoo unique is that you can have someone else doing the studio work from the comfort of their own home or office using a computer.

Long story short, the person doing the studio work from home can display the starting lineups, game clock, scoreboard, etc.

With mycujoo, any soccer club can give its fans the ultimate experience. Are you a diehard supporter of your favorite local soccer club but don’t have the time to drive for hours?

Instead of waiting for updates on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you can watch all the action using your phone or laptop.

The studio work also allows you to save important highlights such as goals, fouls, freekicks, or any important part of the game.

Play-by-play commentary is not a requirement but think about your fans and supporters. Do they want a quality soccer experience? Do they want to hear the fun facts and latest news regarding their favorite players?

You can decide what you want. But in the meantime, get to mycujoo.tv and create the channel for your soccer club.


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