Eastern Idaho Gets Semi-Pro Soccer Team

KPVI News 6 (Idaho)

Ramon Palacios has lived in Eastern Idaho for 20 years. For nearly every year, he has been playing soccer at some level.

His cousin Hector Palacios started a semi-pro team in Boise called the Boise Cutthroats of the United Premier Soccer League.

With both of them being Eastern Idaho natives, they thought “why only Boise?”

“I want to build a team where the community is able in the future to have a semi-pro team in Idaho Falls, represent Eastern Idaho,” said Ramon Palacios, Vice President of Idaho Lobos FC.

So this Sunday, Idaho Lobos FC will play its inaugural match as the semi-pro soccer team of Eastern Idaho.

They will play in the UPSL Mountain Conference, one of the league’s twenty divisions totaling more than 100 teams from all over the country.

Hector Palacios runs the Boise Cutthroats and his team has found success reaching the league’s national tournament in the team’s first two seasons, and while he is hoping to find similar success with Lobos FC, he understands there are challenges starting a team from scratch.

“That’s the whole thing is trying to get trust from local companies, businesses to come sponsor us. It took a little bit here in Boise obviously we’ve done, I mean just two seasons that we’ve been, now we’re pretty good,” said Hector Palacios, President of both Idaho clubs.

“That would be the challenge. Find a anchor sponsor to help us out, to go and travel out of Idaho,” said Ramon Palacios.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what both Hector and Ramon say this is all about. Giving players a platform to not only show that they have ability, but to put Eastern Idaho on the soccer map as well.

Lobos FC’s first match will be Sunday, April 22 at 2pm at Bonneville High School.

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