Meeting Lauren Sesselmann

I got my first experience of doing play-by-play for women’s soccer on April 21 in Bell Gardens for Cal South Women’s Adult State Cup action.

L.A. Wolves FC of the UPSL faced Real Sociedad Monarchs of the Los Angeles Municipal League.

It was a lot of fun and eight goals were scored as L.A. Wolves FC defeated Real Sociedad Monarchs 5-3.

Victoria Stroman had a brace for the Wolves and the other goals were scored by Alexia Gonzalez, Autumn Fox, and Alexis Lee.

Real Sociedad got off to a rough start and were down 3-0 early but also began the match with nine players.

Eventually Real Sociedad got to full strength and made a game out of it with all three of their goals being scored in the second half. The goals for Real Sociedad Monarchs were scored by Karina Cisneros, Aina Adewunmi, and Sydney Vermaelan.

But the biggest surprise for me took place before the match when I was getting the names of the Real Sociedad Monarchs and learned that their goalie was Lauren Sesselmann, former member of the Canadian women’s national soccer team.

Sesselmann played for Canada at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and she is currently playing for Santa Clarita Blue Heat of second tier league United Women’s Soccer.

I remember watching Lauren play in 2015 and it was really cool getting to meet her.

lauren sess canada

L.A. Wolves FC Women v Real Sociedad Monarchs

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