Spring 2018 Preview: Midwest Conference North Division



@UPSL_Northerner, a Minn.-based correspondent for UPSL Soccer Hub, takes a team-by-team look at the upcoming UPSL Spring 2018 Season.

An avid follower of lower-division soccer upon America’s Frozen Tundra, @UPSL_Northerner will be writing about the UPSL Midwest Conference this season for UPSL Soccer Hub. You can find him, ahem, @UPSL_Northerner on Twitter.

Teams listed in predicted order:

This division is definitely in two distinct groups. Teams that have won in the past and teams that have not. Expect this trend to continue with a gap in talent between the top two established clubs and the bottom three unproven entities.

1st – Milwaukee Bavarians
This team is the the best of the division. More class than a Bentley, and more championships that room for stars above their logo, this team has been fantastic in division four soccer for a long time. The arrival of the Milwaukee Torrent in town has not seemed to diminish the level of play. They were able to beat Mpls City in the PLA, and should take the top spot in this division without too much of a struggle. Look for them to get a draw against the Eagles once, and to get max points from the rest.
Point estimation: 22

2nd – Croatian Eagles
The oldest team in Wisconsin had a great showing in the PLA last year, going 2-4-4 in the Midwest’s toughest conference in a long time. A great team but a step below Bavarians last year, look for that trend to be the same this year. They should get maximum points against everyone except Milwaukee.
Point estimation: 19

3rd- Granite City FC
Newly retooled after a failed season in their first year, they were lucky enough to grasp one of the best players to come through FC Minneapolis in the past few years in attacking midfielder Solomon Ikechi. Played FC Minneapolis twice in the off-season splitting the series and they should get four points from them and four from Green Bay this season.
Point estimation: 8

4th – Green Bay United
The only first-year team in the conference, so in turn they are a giant question mark! Green Bay is definitely known for football, and even though they are the smallest NFL town they fit right in with the UPSL. They had their first tryouts on March 31, but they should split with Granite City and take four off of FCM.
Point estimation: 7

5th – FC Minneapolis
FCM had a rocky offseason and is hoping to put the distractions behind them and return to their winning ways from the first seasons of the APL. After their last competitive seasons, assume they will get two draws at home and lose handily the rest of the way, though we all hope to be pleasantly surprised.
Point estimation: 2

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